NEW   Sri Sri Kali Puja 

Saturday, 29th October 


19:00 Puja, Pushpanjali (offering of flowers), Homa,

21:30 Prasad

No Parking

All are Welcome! 

Prior information about your participation ( will be appreciated.

NEW   Photos

Swami Vivekananda Public Birthday Celebration (10th July)

NEW   Photos

Sri Krishna Birthday Celebration (21st August 2016)  

Hamamatsu Retreat (16th August 2016)

Summer Retreat at Fukui  (July 16th, 2016)



NEW   Thanks to the Donors

Dear All,


Our appeal for “Contribution to victims of the recent Kumamoto earthquake” was uploaded on our homepage on April 28th.

Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to those who had kindly responded to our appeal and sent donations from within and without Japan.

Donations received so far are being and will be also utilized for the support of the earthquake victims under the supervision of “Mother’s group” (A group of our devotees of Kumamoto).

Now we would like to withdraw the appeal of donation with effect from June 30th as there is no more exigency of it.


Please be also informed that our appeal of donation for the victims of Nepal and East Japan earthquakes will be also withdrawn with effect from 30th June.


Swami Medhasananda


Vedanta Society of Japan.

 Upcoming Programmes

All are welcome!

(Explanation in Japanese) 

Place : Embassy of India in Tokyo

Date : Nov.19th, Dec.17th

Time : from 14:15 - 16:30 

Please Contact: Link

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting & Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

Study classes  by Swami Medhasanandaji

Place : Society's main building

Date :2nd Tuesday of every month (9th August)

Time : From 14:00 - 15:30

Note : If you take lunch after class please e-mail to Shanti (

at least 2 days before the class.

Please check the actual date of the class from Kyokai’s Home Page (Monthly schedule)

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Questions on the topics of Vedanta, God, Soul, Mind, Relationships, and more, collected from various sources, are answered by Swami Medhasananda of the Vedanta Society of Japan, a branch of the Ramakrishna Order.