NEW   Schedule in January 2021

1st  (Fri. ): Kalpataru

3rd (Sun.): Narayana



10th (Sun.)Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Study Class  

        ★Livestreaming & Zoom

        14:00 ~16:00 (in Japanese only)

        *Contact about Zoom:

13th (Wed.): Weekly Upanishad Study Class


  8:30 ~9:15 (in Japanese only)

17th (Sun.): Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi Birthday Celebration  


         11:00 ~16:30 (Bi-lingual)

         *Prior reservation (until 11th Jan.) is necessary. Tel: 046-873-0428

20th (Wed.): Weekly Upanishad Study Class


  8:30 ~9:15 (in Japanese only)

23rd (Sat.): Bhagavad Gita  Study Class at the Indian Embassy 

        Video Upload later

        10:30 ~12:00  (In Japanese only)

27th (Wed.): Weekly Upanishad Study Class


  8:30 ~9:15 (in Japanese only)

31st (Sun.)Half-day Retreat (Meditation and Spiritual Life)

  ★Livestreaming & Zoom

         14:00 ~16:00 ( In Japanese only)

        *Contact about Zoom:



Monthly Programmes at the Vedanta Society of Japan

will be open to all for participation from July 2020


The Society had stopped general participation of its programmes since March of this year because of the state of emergency declared by the Government of Japan and also to avoid risks of contamination in view of the corona virus pandemic.

Presently, as the Government has withdrawn the state of emergency and allowed travelling because the situation has improved considerably in Japan including in and around Tokyo, we are glad to announce that we have decided to open our monthly programmes for participation of all from July. 

However, following precautionary measures need to be followed strictly by the attendees.

1.  To use masks

2.  To sprinkle sanitizer on both hands (to be kept at the entrance) after entry

3.  To wash both the hands and fingers with soap (to be kept at the washroom)

4.  To wash mouth and gurgle a few times with tap water



Please note that though the Live streaming  of all the programmes will be continued as before those who want to listen to the above-mentioned discourses including that of the Bhagavad Gita directly and also attend the Monthly Retreat are welcome to come to the Society and take part in them.

    However, for attending the Bhagavad Gita  discourses at the Society (1st Saturday)  and the Monthly Retreats (3rd Sunday) prior information to the Society through e-mail  ( is necessary  at least three days before the discourse/ Retreat.


 Livestreaming Link

Swami Medhasananda


Vedanta Society of Japan