Thanks to the Donors


Dear All,


Our appeal for “Contribution to victims of the recent Kumamoto earthquake”

was uploaded on our homepage on April 28th.


Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to those who had kindly responded to our 

appeal and sent donations from within and without Japan.


Donations received so far are being and will be also utilized for the support of the

earthquake victims under the supervision of “Mother’s group” (A group of our

devotees of Kumamoto).


Now we would like to withdraw the appeal of donation with effect from June 30th as

there is no more exigency of it.


Please be also informed that our appeal of donation for the victims of Nepal and East

Japan earthquakes will be also withdrawn with effect from 30th June, 2016.


Swami Medhasananda


  Vedanta Society of Japan.


Kumamoto Earthquake (14th April, 2016)

Earthquakes of Nepal (25th April, 2015)

Japan Natural Disaster (11th March, 2011)