Earthquakes in Noto-Hantou area (Ishikawa-ken)- An  Appeal for Donation 


This donation closed on 30th April, 2024. 

Earthquakes in Turkey


8th July, 2023


              We had uploaded and appeal for donation on our homepage on 15th February, 2023 for support to the victims of the disastrous earthquake in Turkey. We are glad to announce that in response to the appeal for donation, some people had kindly sent donation to the Kyokai for the above-mentioned purpose. We are very much thankful to these donors for their kind donation.


              The total amount of donation thus collected is Yen 550,500 which has been sent to the Embassy of Turkey. The Embassy of Turkey has sent a letter to us on 22nd June, 2023 acknowledging receipt of this donation.


                                                                                      Swami Medhasananda



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