Appeal for Donation to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund opened by the Vedanta Society of Japan

Ramakrishna Mission of Nepal has undertaken relief work and sent
the following appeal to our Society for donation.



Swami Medhasanandaji

Vedanta Society of Japan


Repected Maharaj,

Hope you are aware of 25th April’s disaster (Earth quacks) of Nepal.
Last two days   havoc is going on everywhere.  Most of the people are
staying out side fearing earth quack might come any time. Last two
days in Kathmandu no electricity, no water, road transport  system  is
blocked. There is no food and water.

Seeing  the misery of the people in humble way  we have started giving
cooked food - rice, dal and one curry for 125 people from our ashram.
We have asked effected people who  are staying  under the sky  to  use
our ashram  for their night stay.

Maharaj,  tomorrow onwards we are planning to start relief work little
bigger way. We like to distribute the following items to the people.

Dry food like- flatten rice (chura), molasses, Biscuit,
    chocolate, water bottle etc
2.  Cooked food for more people
3.  Tarpaulin sheet for night shelter
4.  Blankets for cold (as many possible)
5.  Common medicine

You know,  we are very small unit here. Our resources is limited. So
I earnestly pray to you kindly help us in every possible way  so that
we can carry the relief work to our satisfaction. If we get little
more donation we would like to make few school building in the

Swami Gaurangananda


Ramakrishna Mission of Nepal

27th April, 2015

*Details of relief work in Nepal Link