April 29th, Special Japam and Meditaiton Day


We hold Akanda Japam (continuous spiritual practice of silent chanting of the Mantra, Meditation, Prayer) according to the below information. If you would like to participate, please contact us.


Akanda Japam: We hold Special Japam and Meditation Day twice a year. Participants meditate one hour by one hour, continuously in silent and holy mood. You can join at your convenient time. Also it is easy for a beginner. Please contact us.


Date: April 29th  (National holiday), 5002000

Venue: Kyokai Shrine

Note: Meal to be served.


Contact: Please inform your convenient time (Unit one hour, more than one hour is preferable) to Kyokai (046-873-0428), or  Swami Medhasananda medhasananda@gmail.com  by April 21st.